Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Costumes 2014!

Trick-or-Treat is tonight in our neighborhood, which at least does nighttime Trick-or-Treat.  There will be Trick-or-Treat in the rest of Milwaukee in the daytime on Sunday.  I have no idea if anything Halloween related is happening anywhere on Halloween.

But I got all the costumes done!  Check out my kids as a pigeon, a snowy owl, and a tapejara:

They are having a lot of fun just flapping around everywhere.  The costumes are warm and comfortable, and the kids all seem happy with them, so I feel good.  Last night was the Halloween Dance at school, and Aden came home with a slightly ravaged wing that I resewed this morning, but otherwise the costumes seem durable enough.  Today the kids plan to decorate the yard, and with luck tonight we will finally get to the other side of Bay View and check out the festivities on the street behind the violin store.  Apparently they close the street off to cars for several blocks and the houses go all out and it's just a huge party.  I've always wanted to go, but our own neighborhood gets so busy (usually between 300 and 400 Trick-or-Treaters) that we never do.  This year I'm determined!

Which reminds me, quick comment on that piece that has been going around the web about the woman in the affluent neighborhood who didn't see why she should be giving candy to poorer kids who come to her neighborhood for Trick-or-Treat.  The answer is because they are CHILDREN and you are giving the candy away.  How much do you want to bet that selfish woman calls herself a Christian?  Just a hunch.  Anyway, that kind of thinking makes me crazy.  Of course all the kids that come to my door aren't from my neighborhood.  I'm happy my neighborhood feels welcoming enough they know they can have fun here.  Why would I want to live anywhere that made children feel unworthy or excluded?

Hope your Trick-or-Treat is fun on whatever day you do it.  (And I can't wait to see what my kids want to be next year!)


  1. Wow, the costumes came out really nice. And I can see your kids smiling happily behind those masks. Have an awesome time trick-or-treating. Ours is next Friday.

    1. Quinn actually said to me yesterday while I was taking the pictures that no one would know he was smiling! He'll be glad to know you could tell.

  2. You. Are. A Genius. Those costumes are amazing!!! I'm so impressed.

  3. Those are amazing, Kory! Andrew put a lampshade with some battery-operated lights on his head and called himself a lamp. :-)

  4. They're all incredible, Kory! You put in a ton of hard work and it shows. :o) I too can see Quinn's joy in his photos--it shines in his eyes. :o) I can't wait to hear about your festivities this evening--it sounds like it's going to be a blast!

    I read the letter from the crotchety old bag in Dear Abby Saturday (I think), and I was *horrified*! She called it extortion for crying out loud! UGH! It's a fun holiday for the kids to get candy, lady! Get a grip. Oy.

    Enjoy tonight!

  5. Right when I was going to say the snowy owl was my favorite, I caught a glimpse of the green around the pigeon's neck and started switching loyalties until the mask from the tapajera and I was instantly smitten by them all. You are seriosly talented. Your kids are going to talk for years as adults about how their mom made the best costumes ever.

    We do Halloween on Halloween here. I don't know that we've ever heard a movement towards anything otherwise. For us it's a great excuse to decorate the house, come up with cool costumes and hand out and get tons of candy.