Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Blog Silence

Just a quick note, because I tend to get worried emails when I don't update my blog in a timely fashion....

So many blog posts in my head!  No time to get any of them down!  Because I am in the midst of a costume crunch. 

Milwaukee does trick-or-treat on the Saturday before Halloween.  This year Halloween is on a Friday, so I lose a whole week of time before costumes need to be ready.  Plus I have two concerts coming up which means rehearsals at least two nights a week between now and Halloween.  And, you know, work, husband, dog, kids, life....

I've been up very late the past few nights working on Quinn's costume, and with a little luck I should finish it tomorrow or the next day.  He's going to be a pigeon.

Aden wants to be a snowy owl (which should go fine) and Mona wants to be a pterosaur (which I'm not feeling optimistic about).  So all my kids will have wings this year, and they're all pretty monochromatic.

Anyway, that's where I've been.  More soon.  (Maybe when the snowy owl is done.)


  1. At least you have a good reason!! My blog silence is due to Netflix- induced TV binge-watching. I shall await costume pictures. ��

    1. Ha! I binge watch while I work. Got through How I Met Your Mother and am most of the way through The Walking Dead this week. May do Gilmore Girls next....

    2. Oooooh if I could watch Netflix while working... That would be awesome... I could watch SO many shows. I'd like to watch Gilmore girls but the only TV time we have is after the kids are in bed and I don't think I could sell my hubby on it ��. We're watching Parenthood right now though and it's awesome!

  2. I figured it was something to do with lack of time...

    Hang in there. Looking forward to the costumes! :o)