Friday, April 12, 2019

Peeps Procrastinators

Last year we did the Peeps show at the Racine Art Museum proud. Aden won the Peeple's Choice Award with her Jurassic Peep, Quinn got a prize in the kid category from the mayor, and my Peeps Violin (which is incredibly faded but still gracing the front window of our violin store) even got reprinted in the paper last week.

This year? Well, we ran out of both time and inspiration this year. I couldn't think of another violin related Peeps project, Mona and Aden each came up with things that were more ambitious than they could do in the few hours we had available, and Quinn took a long time to decide on anything. So we simply went with things that made us laugh.

Behold! With the least amount of effort ever submitted to the Peeps event, Aden's Sunny Side Peep: