Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gotta Love A Happy Ending!

Amazing.  And wonderful.  I am so impressed and pleased the Lipinski Strad has been found!  (Apparently only blocks from my home, which is mind-boggling.)

It's a good day for everyone.  Well, probably not for the three suspects arrested in the case, but hey, that's entirely their own doing.

There's an enjoyable book called Stradivari's Genius by Toby Faber that I recommend to people when they come into my store and say they want to learn more about great instruments.  The Lipinski Strad is one of the violins featured in the book, and I remember Frank Almond telling me a few years ago that he found the history about it presented there to be lacking.  He did his own research to enhance our knowledge of the instrument and add interest to its story.  Little could he have know that his own chapter in the violin's life would turn out to have so much intrigue! 

Here's hoping that's enough interesting material for any revisions to books about the Lipinski Strad to last a while.

(Don't you just want to keep smiling?)


  1. I always feel like there is so rarely a happy ending to the things we hear about in the news anymore. I'm so glad this one is!!!
    -Lisa K

  2. I must say I let out a sigh of relief when I saw the New York Times headline.

  3. I heard it on NPR last night and thought of you!

  4. I thought of you as soon as I read it! HOORAY!!!!! :o) Brien asked, "Who would steal a Strad?? It's not like you can *sell* it!"


    I simply adore a happy ending! :o)