Friday, October 22, 2010

A Mew-Mew By Any Other Name... (Babble)

For anyone interested in the outcome of our recent kitty drama, please read on….
After two weeks of pondering what to do with Mew-Mew Lilly we decided to try passing her on to a good friend of ours.

Mew-Mew had been straying farther and farther from our yard and I was getting really worried about her.  There were a couple of nights we even put out food where we didn’t see her at all, and then we caught a different neighborhood cat eating out of her dish.  I was giving up hope that her owner was ever going to appear, so we decided to invite her into the back room of our house for an afternoon and let her meet my friend Bonnie Jean.  Bonnie Jean is one of the kindest people I know and she has been wanting a pet, so it seemed perfect; my friend could have a pet, the cat would have a loving home, and we would still get to visit her.

It was so sweet for that couple of hours that the cat was in the house.  I promised Ian I would keep her in the back few rooms and then vacuum everything so it wouldn’t affect his allergies.  The cat was nervous at first, but trusted us, and eventually settled into a spot on the love seat where Aden petted her while watching TV.  It was very comfortable and natural having a cat lounging around.  If we ever find one as friendly as Mew-Mew that doesn’t make my husband sick I want it.

Anyway, Bonnie Jean was also taken with the cat, and after putting her in a pet carrier without a struggle, loaded her into the car and off they went.  The next report we got was that Mew-Mew was going by Caramel Cashew and doing fine.

Then Bonnie Jean took her to the vet where they discovered the chip in her ear which said she was registered under the name Toffee and lived a block away from us.  I felt like we’d done some cruel trick on my friend, dangling a sweet pet in front of her like that.   To all the people who commented that I should have the cat checked for a chip, apparently that was excellent advice and next time that’s the first thing we’ll do.  I was reluctant because I knew if we took her to the vet and there were no chip we would still probably have her checked out or possibly spayed and then she would suddenly be ours, and we weren’t ready for that.

The real owners were happy to get their cat back and reimbursed Bonnie Jean for the vet bill, and told her the cat’s name was actually Admiral.  (After running through so many names for the cat I keep thinking of the joke, “I don’t care what you call me just as long as you don’t call me late for dinner.”)

The kids still haven’t gotten around to removing the ‘Found!’ posters of the cat from our block, although it is truth in advertising.

So that was our brief experiment with quasi-pet ownership.  It’s got me thinking about real pets one day.

Oh, and unrelated to this post but worth mentioning:  Mona lost yet another tooth in front! She’s going to look like her baby pictures soon.

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