Tuesday, February 26, 2013



We have skunks under the foundation of the addition on our house--the part without a basement beneath it.  We've been putting up with with an occasional skunk bomb going off near our house for probably the past year and a half, but only recently realized where they were living.  I thought maybe they were under the deck.

Anyway, the impossibly skunky stench was so bad when they blasted our house in the middle of the night last week that I couldn't sleep, and we finally called someone to trap the skunks.  The traps have been out for days now, and still nothing.  They got tripped the first night, probably by curious raccoons, but although we see lots of little skunk prints in the snow along the fence, no skunks have taken the literal bait.

The skunk bomb went off again last night at about 4 a.m. and we are doing our best to air out the house.  The smell is in every room, and when I got to the Y this morning to swim I realized it was on my coat.  I'm hoping I can find some clothes to wear to work that won't offend the olfactory senses of my violin store customers.

So I thought it was funny when I came home yesterday and found that the kids on their day off from school were dressed in their Halloween costumes, which meant Quinn was a skunk.  He'd spent part of his day as a bluejay, but by the time I saw him he was decked out in his black and white fuzzy finest.

I told Quinn to be careful of the traps out back.  He assured me he was smarter than the average skunk.

Quinn is also more talented than the average skunk.  Now, if the little stinkers under the house practiced as much as he did, I might consider putting up with the smell.  But slacker skunks have to go.


  1. Same this happened to my sister Caroline. Not to make you feel bad, but it took forever to get the smell out because they nested near a vent. They actually never caught the skunks, but they were able to build a berm thingie (technical skunk catching term) that made it so the skunks couldn't build another burrow. Good luck! Seriously, Quinn is adorable.

    1. The skunks are right under my home shop, and the vent in there goes right up to the girls' room. So when the skunks get stinky their room just reeks. Aden finished off our bottle of Febreeze on her bed this morning. I'm trying to think of things to cook that might block out the smell. Bacon?

    2. We had skunk smell in our house the other day. Not as bad as yours - it was from the woods across the street. Alex decided to douse his room in Axe body spray. Not sure which was worse. :/

  2. Slacker skunks indeed. Sitting around. Causing trouble. Yup. They gotta go.

    Seriously, UGH! I had a dog that would tangle with skunks about once a month--just about the time the last skunking would dissipate. UGH! I cannot imagine my entire house having been skunkified--you poor things. I hope they are quickly caught and released.