Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

I do like living in a neighborhood that has fun with Halloween.  Tons of people out for trick-or-treat, the Pumpkin Pavilion event, and I don't think anyplace in the country has anything as cool as Zombie Hill.  They outdid themselves this year:

I'm telling you, when the wind gets going and all those figures start swaying and moving a bit, it is incredibly creepy!  We happily await the beginning of October each year when the first zombie appears on the hill, and more and more get added as the weeks pass. 

Bay View goes all out for Halloween, except on Halloween.  Nothing is happening today.  The kids did all their trick-or-treating on Saturday, both in our neighborhood and then on the violin store side of town where they block the streets off from traffic and the house decorations are extra elaborate.  Quinn even got one house's award for best costume and was given a whole bag of spider rings and spooky necklaces!  But that's done now.  So while the rest of you are dressing up we are tearing things down and getting back to normal.

But you can enjoy our pictures from the Pumpkin Pavilion!  Over 800 pumpkins got carved and put on display for the lighting ceremony a couple of weeks ago.  The kids and I all helped carve.  Next year I plan to volunteer for gutting duty so I can salvage some seeds for roasting.

Mona's pumpkin took a while but was particularly cool, my favorite pumpkin of Quinn's was his sad one, and Aden's was good and spooky.  I carved what I knew.

The kids did a good display on the lawn and nothing seems to have been stolen this year, so that's good.

It's also simply been a beautiful Fall.  The leaves have lasted longer on the trees than any year in my recent memory, and the colors have been spectacular.

Mona and Quinn and I even drove up to a site called Holy Hill where we climbed the tower to get a look at the fall colors across the landscape.  A bit of a claustrophobic and lengthy climb, but I think it was worth it. 

This set of stairs near the end were the scariest
I can't believe we're heading into November already.  2016 has kind of rushed by, and I'm stunned we're already preparing for all the birthdays.

In any case, for all those trick-or-treating on actual Halloween, stay safe and enjoy!  (We will be over here sweeping up candy wrappers and planning for Thanksgiving.)

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