Sunday, December 21, 2014

Mommy's Sweatshop: Music Tree Edition

We got a late start on anything Christmas because Thanksgiving ran long and birthday season ran late this year.  But I think I have all the presents ready, sort of.  (I just bought a sweater that I can't decide whether to give to Ian or  keep for myself and tell him it's from him.  We don't normally get each other anything, but it was a really nice men's sweater marked way way down so I couldn't resist.  Maybe he won't like it and he'll just give it back to me?  Anyway...)

Despite a more packed schedule than usual (I played a performance of the complete Messiah in a town more than half an hour south of here and those three-hour rehearsals plus commute on top of my normally packed schedule about did me in) we did manage to make our holiday cards and get them out on time!  Unfortunately Mona was knocked flat with a fever for several days and Aden's been playing catch up on homework, so Quinn was my lone helper in Mommy's Sweatshop.

We painted cards with watercolors, then glued trees cut from music paper to them.  Mona was delighted when she saw the finished cards and said, "Ooh, it's like the notes are ornaments!"  Which is exactly what I was going for, so that made me happy.

Two things about our tree this year:  First, we have a new topper.  Normally we make a new star each time we put up a tree, but I found a Weeping Angel online and decided we should have it.  (If you do not watch Dr Who then it just looks like a somber choice for a tree decoration, but if you do recognize the Weeping Angel then it should make you laugh.  The kids keep cracking up at such a terrifying thing to put on a tree, and now we have to admire our decorations without blinking.)

Second, this was the first year that I had to actively remind the kids to put ornaments toward the bottom of the tree.  I used to not worry about saving out the most special and delicate ornaments for last because there would be room at the top for them at the end.  No more!  The days of my kids not being able to reach as high as I can are long gone.  With a little prompting they did save me room not only for my grandmother's glass ornaments, but my woven bell that my dad reluctantly bought me at the Detroit Institute of Arts gift shop when I was little, saying it would probably break before we even got it home.  I've managed to keep that ornament in one piece purely out of spite as a tribute to Christmas miracles!

I have so many things I want to write and simply no time to do it.  I'm hoping for a few hours to myself over the break to maybe organize my thoughts and complete some overdue posts (among other things).  In case I don't get the chance soon to wish everyone a happy holiday season, Happy Everything!  I hope whatever you celebrate brings you joy.


  1. I'm a happy recipient of one of these tree-cards!

  2. Very impressive cards!! Hope you had a fantastic holiday!! What did you decide about the sweaters? 😉

    1. We did have a great holiday, thank you! Ian liked the sweater and looked good in it, so he gets to keep it. I found myself a cute sweater on sale at Target, so now we all get to be warm.