Friday, December 19, 2014

Candyland Cake

I can't really take any credit for Aden's birthday cake this year.  I was hoping to redeem myself after last year's cake wreck, but all I did for this cake was frost it and suggest the general concept.  Aden baked two layers of vegan chocolate cake, I did the crumb coat and the final frosting surface, then Aden did all the decorating herself.

She wanted a board game theme for her sleepover this year, and she decided to do her own take on the Candyland board.

So here was the extent of what I helped with (aside from picking up some candy from the store while I was out).
Then Aden stayed up late decorating with her brother assisting here and there (mostly with helping open Oreos before pressing them into the sides of the cake).

There's a Twizzler bridge, and brown sugar beaches, Swedish fish in the water, a Candy Cane Forest and a Gumdrop Lane.  Aden decided Sugar Plums and Molasses were out and Reese's Cups and Gummy Bunnies were in.  (I'm actually a little surprised some candy company hasn't updated the Candyland board with name-brand treats by now.  Or maybe they have and I am blissfully unaware.)

I think she did a smashing job!  And as much as I enjoy doing my kids' cakes I kind of appreciated the break from this one with all I have going on at the moment.

So, with this last party, Birthday Season 2014 is officially over!  My kids are now 8, 11, and 13.  (Time to start thinking about Christmas.  I still have time, right?)

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