Thursday, November 1, 2012

LICE! (Ewwwww!)

I have so much to write about.  I'm suffering a massive case of the Journal Paradox right now.

But the half dozen posts I started all got shoved aside with everything else in my life after a call from the school nurse saying Mona had lice.  Which means Aden had lice.  (Quinn, for reasons unknown, did not have lice.)  Amazing how that kind of brings everything to a halt and makes your world all about laundry and hair washing.

I don't even have enough energy to go into any real detail because I am so tired after a full day of stripping sheets and bagging stuffed animals and going through my kids' heads with a nit comb.

I will say, however, that I felt whatever instinct I posses as a primate assert itself while working on Mona's head this afternoon.  Despite being grossed out over washing lice out of my daughter's hair, something about carefully combing through small sections of her scalp felt natural.  I did not eat what I found like a monkey or a chimp would, but I got the appeal of the activity.  It was strangely enjoyable literally nit picking with Mona.  (Less so with Aden who has much longer and impossibly tangled hair.  The knots were more frustrating than the nits.)

So I am going to sleep and try not to dream of lice or nits or fine toothed combs.  And if I'm crazy lucky tomorrow I may even get to tackle writing about my mom's birthday or taking the kids to see an opera or how my brother and his daughter were stranded here due to the hurricane. 

(Lice!  Ewww Ewwww EW!)


  1. Cetaphil cleanser works well. Google it. The bugs tend to have a resistance to the pesticide shampoos. Also, if a boy is involved, buzzcut the hair. One less head of hair to go through. Email me if you have any questions.

    Are you aware of what ads are showing at the bottom of your blog page? The current one says "Tell the Homosexual Lobby NO! Will you pledge to support Real Marriage?"

    1. Thanks for the info! Already buzzed the boy's hair. He looks cute. Used Nix on the girls which seemed to kill anything alive on their heads and then spent HOURS combing through and removing nits. Nits look just like dandruff! Had no idea. When they started scratching we got them dandruff shampoo.

      I have no control over the ads! I just went bra shopping (thanks to a recent post by you, actually!) so all the ads popping up seem to be about big bras. (Will I pledge to support Real Marriage? Yes! For Gays and Lesbians too!)

  2. Oh, yikes! I am not looking forward to that childhood malady. Good luck!

    I hope your brother's home is ok. My morning scan of the NY Times is just...hard to fathom.

  3. Triple Eeeew! Hope the lice leave for good soon.

  4. Oh! I'm SO sorry. We've been there. Several times. Each time is annoying and itch-inducing, and just a general mass of exhaustion trying to get everything deloused.

    Good luck. I have heard nits can't survive high heat, so we typically will blow dry hair for about a month after a bought of lice.

  5. Ugh. Not had nits yet but kiddo brought home ringworm from school...nice...

  6. Popped over here from Because I Said So blog because I saw your lice post link in your comment to Dawn. Went through lice this spring. Make sure to keep your own hair pulled back when nitpicking!! After finding a live lice crawling up the front of My.Shirt.(ugh) while combing my daughter's hair, I should have realized I could also get them in my hair. Yup, I got them too. After that, I started wearing one of my husband's dress shirts as a smock when nitpicking so that I could takie it off when done and put it in the wash without having to pull it over my own head and risk transfer.

    Tried the chemical treatment but continued to find more even after following instructions diligently. Our breakthrough came when we got shampoo and conditioner from health food store with Neem Oil and/or Tea Tree oil. We all started using this and I think that is what helped end our outbreak. We smelled very herbal, but it was pleasant.

    Suggestion: Cover your sofa, upholstered chairs, etc. with sheets and wash often. That way you do not have to continue vacuuming the furniture all the time. Also vacuum the car thoroughly - seat belts, carseats, etc. Can put a sheet over seats in car and wash often to keep from restarting the cycle.

    High heat kills these critters, so wash/dry hot to end the cycle. Pour boiling water over combs, brushes, hair clips after each nitpicking session.

    Lice are such a pain, but can be gotten rid of with diligence for a couple of weeks. Best wishes.

  7. AACK! I just got a note home saying that Lice was found on a student in my daughters class! The nurse suggested we all wash our hair with Lice Shield to prevent the other children getting it. It is smelly but is supposed to be gentle enough for everyday.

    I had lice once as a missionary. I couldn't get rid of it. I finally went to the doctor for the atomic bomb shampoo. Get the little buggers instantly. :) Good luck! I know it's the worst.

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    1. Thanks so much for the comments, everyone! It helps. Update soon.