Friday, November 8, 2013

Permission to do what now?

Quinn brought me a permission slip to sign this week.  His class is going on a field trip next month to see The Nutcracker.  Sounds lovely.  Wish I could go, too!  At least, I thought I did, until I read the permission slip.

It's a generic sort of catch-all kind of permission slip.  So, for him to watch a ballet, I had to check off if Quinn was allergic to anything, if he needed medication, if he had asthma or kidney disease or other conditions.

But the one that made me laugh was having to circle his level of swimming expertise.  (We chose "cannot swim" because his particular doggy paddle will not get him far in an emergency.)

Sounds like one hell of a production!  If the audience's swimming skills are an issue I'm a little worried for the pit orchestra down below the stage.  But hey!  Have to keep things fresh to appeal to today's kids!  (Just need to remember to pack his water wings along with his lunch before he heads off to the ballet.)


  1. Would a nut allergy be disqualifying?

  2. This made me giggle because our permission slips have gotten ridiculous too. There are THREE places I have to put our address. I keep wondering if they think we moved between the first and third pages. And the question about whether I have health insurance or my child does always makes me laugh because I want to write that yes, hers is provided by her employer.

  3. Our school has taken to having us sign one catchall permission at the beginning of the year. It seems like a good system.