Sunday, October 14, 2012

Aden's Affinity (A Kangaroo Tale)

Aden asked to be a kangaroo this year.  Again.  She likes having a tail, and she likes trick-or-treating with a pouch instead of a bucket.  But seriously, I am not sure how many kangaroo outfits I've now made.  Aden and Mona were both kangaroos in 2004:

Then I don't remember if I had to make a new kangaroo costume for Aden the following year or if she just wore the same one again in 2005.  I have a feeling she wore the same one because that costume remained a regular part of her wardrobe all that year.

Here she is on Halloween as a kangaroo staring down death while Mona goes to find him some candy.
Then Aden had a couple of years being a bat, but in 2008 they all wanted to be kangaroos and all three of those costumes were new:

So this year's is I think my sixth?  Seventh?  I feel like 'kangaroo costume maker' should be in my official bio somewhere, or on my tombstone one day.

Aden has also been a dragon and a porcupine,

so she's not as lacking in variety as I was as a kid when I was pretty much a mouse every year, but when she looks back at her childhood one day (with what I hope are fond memories) she will most likely associate Halloween with being dressed as a kangaroo.  The 2012 version is still in pieces on the dining room table, however it should pretty much turn out like the past kangaroo costumes but big enough for a ten year old.
Three year old Aden the kangaroo with Eeore in her pouch
(Can she really be ten?  I can't believe how much she looks like Quinn here.  And I can't believe Quinn is about twice the age now that Aden was in this picture.  If only I knew how to make costumes that could somehow keep them from growing up so fast.)


  1. Wow. Your costumes amaze me every year - Do your kids realize how lucky they are? I have many gifts as a mom, but sewing/costume-making is not one of them. Luckily my kids don't seem to realize this, so I think I'm ok for now. Please just don't let your kids talk to mine about the costume-making process. :)

    Also, um... Benjamin wants to be a vampire bat this year. Any chance you have any ideas or anything left from Aden's bat costume that might help me out a bit? (My plan so far consists of wearing all the black clothes he owns, putting ears on a black ski mask, and attaching some kind of black fabric to his arms to look like wings. And I think he'll probably insist on fangs of some kind.) Help?

    1. Aden says she would gladly give Benjamin her old bat wings, but we don't seem to have them anymore. Luckily lots of Halloween stores sell bat wings and fangs, but if you have some fabric that you'd like me help make something out of I'm happy to. Shouldn't take long at all. Ski mask idea is perfect! I have some leftover black fleece to help make ears if you need them. And when Aden was a bat she just wore black clothes and that worked fine. Let's pick an afternoon this week and get him all set up!

  2. You are amazing! Those costumes are seriously gorgeous.

  3. At some point you will have to put together a chronological powerpoint of the kangaroo costumes...perhaps her rehearsal dinner?

  4. I love all those kangaroo costumes! Ellie would certainly love to have one as she will be quick to tell you her favorite animal is a kangaroo. :o)

    Lil has managed to be some incarnation of a cat since she has been old enough to select her own costumes. This year is no exception. I had *thought* she was going to be Hermione Granger. She has since changed her mind and I'm trying valiantly to pull together an "El Skippito the great sword fighter" (from Skippyjon Jones) costume. Ah, for a mere ounce of your talent...

    I love that porcupine, by the way. :o)

  5. These have been such fun posts to read with all of the current and past costume pics. You may think you are not a seamstress but holy cow those costumes are amazing. Your kids are very lucky on so many counts.

    Thanks also for all the great comment this past week. They mean so much and have really helped me not feel so alone. You rock!

    1. Oh Peg, I always wish there was more I could do than just leave comments, but I'm glad to know they are something.

      And I know I am not a seamstress because I just now discovered the zipper foot for my machine. No wonder my zippers always came out looking awful! You need a zipper foot! Sheeze.