Friday, December 2, 2016

Finishing Touch

I'm suffering the journal paradox at the moment.  I have a lot to write about, but no time to write.  I still need to say something about the violin convention in Cleveland, our trip to House on the Rock over Thanksgiving, and about the election.  But those things take time.

So instead, here is a post about painting my Kitchen Aid!  (Because that's easy, and right now I need something to be easy.)

After the kitchen remodel was complete and we moved everything back into it, I realized the color of our Kitchen Aid bugged me.  I liked the color.  We bought the mixer only about a year or two ago to replace the overworked one we got as a wedding present.  That one was white and we retired it to the cottage where it will fall apart at a much slower rate.  The new one was that sort of icy blue that recently came back into fashion, and I was frustrated with our kitchen and needed the cute distraction.
But that pale blue looked weird against the green tile back splash in the new and improved kitchen, so I did a little online research and discovered it wouldn't be too hard to change.  I found a green that looked like it would blend in with the new color scheme and got to work!

Pretty much all there is to it is removing a couple of screws and then covering all the parts you don't want painted.  Then you have to sand the gloss off the original paint.

After that it's just lots of spray painting, first with color, then with a lot of protective enamel.

I didn't do a perfect job, and someday (in my *free* time) I will do a bit of touch up in a few spots, but overall I'm happy with it.  I like that it matches the kitchen now and it feels like the last piece is in place.

Ta-dah!  (See?  Playing with spray paint can be a little like sticking your fingers in your ears and saying "Lalalalala" when you don't want to deal with the world falling apart.  Easy peasy.)

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