Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015!

 Halloween was on Halloween here in Milwaukee!  It's a Christmas miracle!
Unfortunately for the city-wide trick-or-treaters it rained here all day, but for our neighborhood's nighttime trick-or-treat it was merely cold and a bit damp.  I was surprised at just how many people came to our door this year considering how unpleasant it was out, but we went through many hundreds of pieces of candy like we usually do.  Lots of Ninja Turtles this year, along with many Batmen, Supermen, and Star Wars characters (the best of which was a dad dressed as Luke Skywalker with a baby in a Yoda hat strapped to his back).  My favorites were a dad dressed as a cockroach, a little boy in a homemade tiger shark outfit, and a small child in a beautiful macaw costume.  Oh, and a little girl in a homemade robot costume who said "Beep Boop!" for thank you

I got pictures of the kids in their costumes before they went to the Halloween dance at their school the day before while the weather was nice.  I love how much they love to dress up!  

Quinn the iguana

Aden the kangaroo

Mona the griffin

My kids went off on their own this year.  Ian and I stayed behind and handed out candy, and eventually our kids returned and I stayed behind while Ian drove them to the other side of Bay View to enjoy the annual Halloween block party that happens closer to the lake.  They returned with quite a haul.
I have to admit, listening to the kids doing their initial rounds of candy trading is one of my favorite things.  It is intensely serious and completely silly.  Mona checked with me to see if Rolos were considered valuable or not.  Lots of bunny crackers this year for some reason, fewer Nerds, lots of chocolate.  The best thing was a little sticky-man toy that you throw against a vertical surface and then watch him flip himself down it.  My kids sort, and trade, and trade back, and re-sort for days.  They're not greedy about any of it, they just enjoy making it into some kind of sport. 

It's been a good Halloween here!  Hope it was for everyone else as well.

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