Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Eye Color Followup

Thanks for the input on Quinn's eye color.  I wish I could get a picture up that looks like what I see.
His eye color is weirdly changeable.  They are different up close than farther back, and the color shifts with the type of light and against different outfits.  Mine do as well, but not as drastically.  (Although, how would I know?  How often do I really see my own eyes?)

We actually did sit down with some paint cards and his shirt.  All the ones in the green range were too green, but we did find some things that were close.  (We had a lot of fun looking.)

His art teacher looked into his eyes today after school and told me she saw flecks of gold mixed in with the grey and the green, and even hints of blue.

The paint color cards that came closest would be the Martha Stewart "Potter's Clay" in Alligator from her Precious Metals line, the Martha Stewart "Lentil" (which apparently goes well with her Heavy Cream or Reed if Quinn's eyes ever need baseboards that coordinate with them), and the Behr Brand "Moss Stone."

When I asked Quinn what he thought at this point, he just said, "I don't know." (I also remain undecided, although I'm leaning hard toward the ''yeux pers'' option offered up in the comments.)

Which is fine.  Because you know what?  There are times it's comforting to have a word for something.  A name can anchor a condition or a quality and make it seem more real or give it a home in our minds.

But some things remain ineffable.  And that's where magic still lies.

And is there anything more magical than looking into the eyes of someone you love?

Me and my Quinn and all our eyes


  1. This is one of those posts that just makes parenting older children sound like a delight. Thank you.

    1. In some ways it really does just get better and better. As much as I am reluctant to leave each stage there is always so much fun interesting stuff ahead.

  2. This sounds like my husband's eyes. Stu's eyes are constantly changing, and I can't really put one color to it. It's pretty cool. Being Deaf, I notice people's eyes and the color of their eyes, and I am the one who brought up attention to my siblings that we all 4 have different eye colors! Cool, huh.

  3. See, that top photo still has me saying green. There is a ring of dark blue, combined with those gold flecks and the light sage color, definitely green. Although, the untranslateable French works for me. :o)

    I think clothing is always going to have an impact on what color you perceive his eyes to be.

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