Sunday, August 19, 2012

My legs are tired!!!!

Just finished The Amazing Milwaukee Race On Bikes!

Ian didn't have to do an Army thing this weekend after all, so we were able to sign up at the last minute to join the race.  There were two courses; one was 40 miles, and one was 20 miles.  Ian suggested we stick to the shorter course, and as usual he was right.  I am worn out!

We did finish.  Apparently many people didn't.  We won't find out our scores until tomorrow.   But when we checked in the volunteers seemed surprised that we finished the entire course and had all our clues.  I'm not sure how we could have gone much faster than we did.  We didn't waste time anywhere and we kept moving at a good clip on our bikes despite the rain (so much rain), but we still made it back late.  The race began at noon and was supposed to be wrapped up by 5:00, and we didn't check in at the finish line until about 5:15, so whoever won deserves a lot of praise!  I have no idea how people did the 40 mile course in that amount of time.

It was so much fun!  Despite getting caught in two thunderstorms.  Although it was one of those events where the company is everything.  Just like doing the race on foot back in April was fun because I was with my friend, Linda, I was glad I did this race with my husband.  We're a good team because he knows how to get everywhere, and I'm good at figuring things out.  There were several moments when I was just cold and wet and sore that I realized the only reason it was fun and not torture was because I was with Ian.  He makes life good anywhere.

Anyway, now I'm home and dry and literally covered with kids which is making typing hard, so I will share the details of the race later.

More soon!  With a photo or two!


  1. I saw you briefly in the starting-line madness, but never again and never got a chance to say hello. I'm glad you were able to finish! A couple friends of ours did the 20 mile course and didn't finish - they kind of threw in the towel after getting a flat tire about half-way through.

    I also agree that their time estimations were slightly off. We did finish the 40-mile course before 5:00, but not by much. And as we were waiting around in the bar I started to feel the pain of over-working my body. I slept deeply last night. Excited to read about your course once you post - I'm planning on doing a race post as well.

    1. I wish you'd said Hi! I don't know how anyone finished the 40-mile course. I am deeply impressed you did it by 5:00. I'm so sore today! And I can't wait to find out how we did. I'm hoping top ten, but who knows? Looking forward to your post.

  2. Congratulations! I'm always so impressed when anyone accomplishes great things--and 20 miles (or 40!) are certainly great! :o)

    I was chuckling at your comment on my messy post because we had just played with cornstarch and water that day. Great minds, right? ;o)

    1. That's too funny about the cornstarch! (But you know the rest of that expression, right? "Great minds think alike, and fools seldom differ." Ack!) Those finger painting creations were really nice, by the way. I hope they eventually dried.