Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thinking of Katie (Babble)

I just learned about the death of Katie’s son this morning while reading Rebecca’s post.  I’m not sure what to say because it is awful beyond words.

I sent her an email with my condolences, picked up the freshly printed pancake recipe I’d actually come to Babble to try this morning, and went downstairs to my kids who were watching cartoons.  Mona got out eggs for me.  Quinn carried the oil to the counter.  Aden started to set the table before she got distracted and wandered away.

The peonies on the dining table were wilting, so I asked Mona if she wanted to go outside and cut some new ones.  She left with a pair of scissors in one hand and a toy snake stuffed down the back of her pants that she’s using as a tail lately.  While I mixed the batter for our breakfast, Quinn was holding a peony bud in his hands and asked, “Why do peonies have leaves?”  I told him leaves are what help make food for plants.  He smiled and looked down at the bud in his hand and said, “Well, that’s nice of the leaves!”  I laughed, and then I wondered how many marvelous things Katie’s son must have said over the years of his too short life that will leave her with bittersweet memories.  I hope at some point the pain fades enough that they are more sweet than bitter.  But I can’t even fathom that much pain.

The pancakes were delicious, every bit as fluffy as the recipe promised.  My kids and I ate together and they gave the new pancakes a thumbs up to make again sometime.  Later today they all have to come with me while I work at the violin store.  I wasn’t looking forward to having them all along, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’m just glad they are mine and I am theirs and we are together.

Mona did a great job picking peonies.  These are for Henry.

You are in my thoughts, Katie.

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