Thursday, September 10, 2015

On the Mend (Booby Trap Edition)

Just a quick update on medical things because I've had several concerned people contact me, so it seems simpler at this point to post about it here.

In mid-July I had a bout of something like mastitis (pain, swelling, but no fever) right about in the same area where I had my biopsy in April.  Antibiotics didn't help and the problem followed me to Detroit where I had to seek more medical help.  That included a painful aspiration (which revealed nothing) and an ultrasound.  Upon returning to Milwaukee my own doctor was finally able to have a look, and she sent me back out to the breast specialists where I had another ultrasound, a (wildly uncomfortable) mammogram, and I was put on a prescription for anti-fungal medication.  The conclusion out there was that the swelling was masking a mass that had them concerned, but that if the anti-fungal medication worked they could get a better look and decide if I needed another biopsy.

Well, that followup was this week, and the mysterious mass seems to be improving, so they want to give everything another month to heal and have one more look with the ultrasound then to make sure all is well.  I didn't need another biopsy, and for the past week or so I haven't been in any pain.  The swelling has all gone down, and even though there is still a mass it's definitely getting better.

The anti-fungal medication seems to have done the trick, so I'm dubbing it a case of Athlete's Boob and am moving on.  I am fine.  I hope to stay fine.

In the meantime my mom is visiting and she cleaned my whole violin store and made it sparkly, and she cooks us amazing food and I think she should stay here.  (There are few things better than getting home from work and having dinner already made.  Wowzers is that like a miracle.)


  1. Athlete's boob -- is that the same or opposite of being an Amazon archer?
    So good that you are not in pain and that the swelling has stabilized!

    1. I always heard that Amazons had one breast removed to make archery easier, so probably not the same thing. Also different from issues involving Side Boob.

  2. Athlete's Boob is really making me giggle. Glad it's going away, whatever it is!!!

  3. Oh good! I've been worried about that boob of yours!

    As for your mama, my mom always said she wanted a housewife like Hazel from the old TV show. She said that way her house would always be clean and there'd always be a hot meal awaiting her when she got home. ;o)