Friday, June 14, 2013

Shameless Book Plug

Buy my book!  How is that for clever self-promotion?

Actually, today seems like a good day to remind people who say they'd like to read my book to go find a copy because the electronic version has become widely available.

The place where you can purchase Almost There in print where I receive the most royalties is at the CreateSpace estore.

My book can also be found in print at Amazon, and is available there in Kindle form as well.

Almost There is on Nook at Barnes and Noble, as well as other sites I'm less familiar with like Scribd

I have received some very kind feedback from readers so far, not all of whom are my mom.  If you liked my book would you consider writing a review on Amazon?  There could be pie in it for you.  Unless that violates some sort of code of ethics in which case I should probably disclose that you'd get pie anyway if you come over.

If you are interested reading Almost There for a book club, I'd be happy to participate in discussions and answer questions via Skype or email.  (Or in real live person form if it's convenient!)

Buy my book!  (Okay, pledge break done, back to working on real posts....)