Sunday, March 4, 2012

Home Depot Fun (Babble)

This post is primarily to give other parents a heads up about something fun to do with your kids that might be available near you.  This is not a sponsored post because aside from the kinds of normal purchases we make there from time to time, The Home Depot doesn’t know we exist.  In fact, we’ve had ups and downs with the one near our house.
But it turns out The Home Depot does something kind of cool!  Another mom who was in my violin store about a year ago told me about it, but today was the first time I was actually on the ball enough to take advantage of the program.

The first Saturday of every month The Home Depot runs a free workshop for kids.  It’s a new project every month, and they supply all the materials and tools and set up a work space with lots of people available to help.  My kids each got an apron to put their names on, and when you finish a project they give you a pin about that project to put on your apron.  When you collect ten you get a special star pin.  We ran into a little girl from Quinn’s class there, and she proudly showed us her collection of more than a dozen pins.
Today’s project was making little race cars.  Quinn was the only one of our kids who resisted going in the first place, but by the time he was done hammering the little nails and putting on all the wheels he was a happy guy.  Quinn hugged that small orange car all the way home.
Next month’s project is a small open box bird feeder with suction cups on it and the kids can’t wait.  The workshop was so much fun I wish I’d managed to get us out there for it a long time ago.  Mona and Quinn wore their aprons around the house all day, and I found myself making the absurd statement, “Take your aprons off before dinner because they might get dirty.”  But then what are aprons for?  I guess today the aprons looked so fresh and pretty it was hard for me not to be a little protective.  I should just let them wear those aprons all the time, though, now that I think about it.

Anyway, I’m always pleased to know about free and interesting activities I can take my kids to, so thought I’d share.  If the idea of watching your kid wield a hammer makes you as happy as it makes me, check it out!

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