Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day of Little Things (Babble)

Today was weird.  Partially because after getting the kids to school I ended up taking an unexpected (but apparently needed) nap and then I had to take the dog to the vet.  (The dog, of course, became a picture of perfect health as soon as I secured the emergency appointment, so we will take that as a good thing even though SERIOUSLY DOG?)

Anyway, Tuesdays my assistant mans the violin store and I’m supposed to get other work done at home.  Things like violin making and writing and practicing.  I got to none of the big projects I was hoping to do, but wound up dedicating the day to small stuff.  The kind of stuff that crosses your mind in one room and forget as soon as you walk into another.

Today I wrote those things down and started ticking them off the list.  So I feel like I was completely unproductive and yet I got all these things done:

I found the invitation to (and called in the RSVP for) the first birthday party Quinn’s been invited to.

I dug up Aden’s permission slip for all her class trips this month.

Bought batteries.

I wrote down what Mona told me she wants to be when she grows up so I won’t forget.  (She’s considering Teacher, Chef, Vet, or Farmer.)

Looked at new dishwashers and finally ordered one to replace the one that broke last week.

Picked up a waste can with a lid on it for the downstairs bathroom (stupid dog being gross digging in the waste can).

Accepted an in invitation to a neighborhood Valentine’s party.

Canceled Aden’s lesson that conflicts with the Valentine’s party.

Got eggs and milk and bread.

Got more paper towels for the violin store.

Called the doctor about Quinn continuing to snore despite having his tonsils and adenoids removed, and refilled his prescription for antibiotics.

Emailed my mom about their plans to visit.

Emailed my brother about our plans for spring break.

Worked on getting Mona’s book club together.

Picked up a violin to lend to a friend.

Remembered to bring toilet paper upstairs before it’s too late.

Got the bags of stuff in the upstairs hall for Goodwill off to the donation center.

Called the insurance agent.

Called the appliance repair guy.

Aaaaaannd then just a bunch of regular stuff like picking up kids from school and walking the dog and helping the girls practice violin, etc.

Among the things that didn’t happen was writing a really great blog post.  But that’s the kind of day it was so this will have to do.

Tomorrow, darn it, I need to tackle something big!  (Although just thinking about that makes me want to take another nap.  Is it bedtime yet?)

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