Sunday, November 13, 2011

Suspense! (Babble)

So, today we may or may not be getting a dog.

We went to visit a stray at the rescue center on Friday night that looked like he might be a good match for our family.  Our next door neighbor takes in foster dogs, and she’s been keeping an eye out for one for us, and sent us a picture of a cute little guy who needs a home.

The tricky part is Ian has allergies.  Mostly to cats, but to a lot of dogs as well.  This particular dog is a poodle mix, and from what I’ve been able learn about different dog breeds, those tend to be a bit more allergy friendly.  So we did a meet and greet with the dog at the shelter, and the dog is adorable and warmed up to us quickly, but afterward when we went out for pizza Ian said his eye felt itchy.  Then his face didn’t feel good where he’d touched it with his hands.

The dog wasn’t officially available for adoption until today, so the plan is for Ian to go back to the shelter, spend an hour alone playing with the dog, and if he feels confident that the dog won’t make him sick he’ll bring it home.  If it does, he’ll have to leave the dog there and bring home ice cream instead.

So we’re all on pins and needles here.  The kids and I really want the dog.  But if it’s not the right one for us we’ll keep looking.  The dog is adorable and I have complete faith that someone else will adopt him quickly if it can’t be us, so that’s something.  Because it was so sad to see how unsettled the dog was at the shelter, and how desperately it needed love.  I hope we’re able to be the ones to provide it.

We’ll find out soon.

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