Saturday, October 29, 2011

And Finally, the Porcupine (Babble)

I started Aden’s porcupine costume first and finished it last, but I got it done just under the wire before the Halloween dance on Thursday.  (I expected to have all day Wednesday to work on it at my leisure, but I hadn’t factored in an ambulance ride.)

I made Aden a basic brown, fleece jumpsuit with a detachable back piece and tail to glue quills to (in case we ever need to wash it).  I cut the quills out of cushion foam on my bandsaw, and then spray painted them:
Aden then helped me position and hold the quills while I attached them to the fabric with a hot glue gun.
Then I just used safety pins to put the back piece with all the quills onto the jumpsuit and tadah!  Porcupine!  The costume is not very interesting from the front (except for Aden’s dimples), but from the back and the side I think she’s looking very quill-y.
So my kiddos are all set for trick or treat tonight.  And again in a different part of town tomorrow.  And then nothing happens on Halloween proper which still bugs me to pieces, but at least arson isn’t considered a holiday tradition here like back in Detroit, so I’ll just be thankful.

I haven’t seen any other porcupines, crocodiles, or thirteen-lined-ground-squirrels, so they probably won’t get lost in the crowds.
(My kids doing early trick or treat at our old house across the street because the neighbors gave them special cookies.)
Happy Halloween!

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