Thursday, June 22, 2017

Another Two Weeks

Today was our 20th wedding anniversary.

We didn't do anything particularly special today other than share a sandwich at lunch.

Ian got up early to run, I swam.  There was an appointment with a roofer to get another estimate on the latest house project that needs to be tended to sooner rather than later.  When I left for work all the kids were nestled into spots on couches and cuddled together to do things on laptops.

I did a lot of bow work today at the store.  Ian brought me lunch and did work on his side of the store which is so different from my side.  His thing is all Quickbooks and bills and rental lists, and mine is all chisels and knives and planes.  It's a good thing we have each other because each of us is lost on the wrong side of the store.

In the afternoon he picked up this week's farm share box on the way home where he had to do an Army conference call.  I finished my last few appointments and then swung by the house to grab the kids to go volunteer at the soup kitchen downtown.  Then we stopped at Michael's and Goodwill to poke around for stuff for a project I'm doing, and then home where we were unsuccessful at coaxing the dog out from under the couch for a walk.  (Chipper currently remembers how to do stairs, but has forgotten he likes to go for walks.)

I got another coat of varnish on a violin I'm working on for a friend.  I curled up on the couch with Quinn to watch a competitive cooking show.  (We've been working our way through all the past seasons of Adventure Time, but tonight he decided he'd rather watch people get yelled at about undercooked pork.  I don't care what's on as long as Quinn wants to snuggle.)

Ian was asleep by the time I made it here to bed.  He always looks really satisfied when he's sleeping.

Back when we first started dating in college more than half our lives ago, we marked our time together in Thursdays, because our first date was to a movie at the student union on a Thursday.  When we'd been together two weeks, we discussed if we should go for another two weeks.

When I reminded Ian this morning that it was our 20th wedding anniversary, he smiled and said he loves me more now than ever.  I asked, since it was also Thursday, if we should go another two weeks.  He said sure.  And I told him that was an impressive level of commitment, because despite how uneventful today worked out to be, this is a particularly difficult time in our lives to want to do more of.  I laughed and said, "Really? Two more weeks of this?"  And he said with me, of course.

It's been a great 20 years.  I wouldn't trade them for anything.  Here's to another two weeks.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day 2017

Dear Dad,

You've been gone almost two years now.  It still hasn't really sunk in that I won't see you again, or get a hug from you anymore.  I miss making you laugh on the phone.  I miss being able to ask you questions when I'm having a grammar moment.  I don't automatically reach for the phone now when those moments happen, but I still haven't quite let go of the belief that you are out there and I just haven't seen you in too long.

When I haven't seen someone in a long time I'm usually a little surprised when we are reunited that there are details I forgot--bits of mannerisms or scents or motions that go with a person that you don't hold onto well at a distance.  I'm still adjusting to the idea that my perceptions of you will not be updated or renewed, but I'm left with whatever I already have.  It's not enough, but it will have to be.

What would I tell you today, this Father's Day without you again, if I could call?